Regain what's lost

Natural saline therapy.
Heals, strengthens and regenerates the body.


The brine excavated by us is turned into the salt containing a maximum amount of curative elements through crystallization. A homemade bath prepared with our salts has an exceptional, naturally therapeutical effect on our bodies which has been taken advantage of in spa treatments, sports’ biological renewal and rehabilitation for a long time. The salt lets your body regain what it loses on a daily basis and prepares it to


The curative iodine-bromine salt of Bochnia is a natural way of preventing and treating illnesses. It strengthens the system, improves physical fitness and supports the treatment of multiple diseases.

Sport Therapy

A line of products that strengthen the body and regenerate it after physical strain. Thanks to the content of minerals it nourishes muscles and joints, mineralizes the bones, improves body fitness and overall immunity.

Derma Therapy

A caring product line based on Bochnia salt. Contains natural minerals beneficial for our system. Protects, nourishes and regenerates the skin.


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